Walnut, English (seedling of 'Howard')
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Walnut, English (seedling of 'Howard')

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Juglans regia . A.K.A. Persian Walnut. Deciduous. The thin-shelled walnut of commerce, part and parcel of every Christmas nut assortment. With age, the habit is rounded, often spreading with an open crown, ultimately reaching 40'+ in height with comparable spread. Beautiful silver-gray bark, composed of large, wide, flat ridges, smaller darker furrows. For timber, the species is quite valuable, utilized for furniture, veneering and gunstocks.

These seedlings came from the cultivar 'Howard'. They will likely contain characteristics of this variety, but each tree is a genetically distinct individual.

English walnut trees (Juglans regia) do have some degree of self-fertility, meaning they can produce walnuts without another walnut tree for pollination. However, they often benefit from cross-pollination for increased fruit set and improved yields. The degree of self-fertility can vary and planting multiple genetically distinct trees nearby can enhance pollination and result in a more consistent and abundant nut harvest.