Duck Eggs
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Duck Eggs

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Duck eggs can be used similar to chicken eggs. They are larger than chicken eggs and have a higher yolk to white ratio. In general, duck eggs contain more protein, calories, fat, vitamins, and minerals than chicken eggs. Because the whites have more protein and fat than those of chicken eggs, they will whip up higher when beaten and create more loft in cakes. The extra fat makes the finished produce more moist and tender while the extra protein makes the texture more spongy.

Additionally, duck eggs are a good addition to gluten free baked goods because the added protein in the whites can help bind gluten free ingredients better and cause the texture to be lighter, fluffier, and more like traditional baked goods.

Finally, due to thicker egg shells, duck eggs can have a longer shelf life than chicken eggs, lasting up to 6 weeks.

Flora Fauna Farm’s ducks range over an acre of pasture and swim in our pond. They have great access to fresh greens, insects, and clean water to bathe in. Our eggs are available in a half dozen, a whole dozen, or a dozen and a half eggs. Contact us to try them out.