Hawthorn, 'Red Sun'
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Hawthorn, 'Red Sun'

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The Chinese Hawthorn, scientifically named Crataegus pinnatifida and referred to as Shan Zha in China, holds a special place in Chinese culture due to its bountiful harvest of small, approximately 1-inch diameter, round red fruits. These fruits are renowned for their natural sweetness and delightful flavor, making them versatile in their consumption. They are enjoyed fresh, both in their dried form, and are also put to use in the creation of dried and candied treats. Additionally, in traditional Chinese medicine, these fruits are recognized for their role in addressing heart-related conditions, further adding to their significance.

This small tree is not only prized for its delicious fruit but also for its aesthetic appeal. During the spring, it graces the landscape with large clusters of white blossoms, creating a beautiful sight. As the seasons progress, the tree transitions into another spectacular phase by bearing its distinctive red fruits in the fall. Among the various varieties of Chinese Hawthorn, the Red Sun stands out and is highly valued for the size and exceptional flavor of its fruit. It adds a distinct charm to orchards and gardens while also serving as a source of delectable and beneficial produce.