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Pomegranate, Sverkranniy

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'Sverkhranniy' has 'Orange-red blossoms'. The large fruit of ‘Sverkhranniy’ has a red and pink skin, with brown markings. The arils of its fruit are very soft and tender, red in color, and have a sweet taste. ‘Sverkhranniy’ means super early in Russian, ‘Sverkhranniy’ is productive and ripens very early (about 'early-August' to 'mid-August'). Due to the early ripening, it may be good for areas with short summers. 

In the ground this cultivar can reach about 8 feet in height, and about 5 feet in width. It is very resistant to drought once it's well rooted in the ground.

This variety was test grown in Russia at the 'Kara-Kala Turkmenistan Experimental Station'. That 'Experimental Station' donated cuttings of 'Sverkhranniy' to the US in September 8th 1995.