Pomegranate, Hydranar x Goulosha
Pomegranate, Hydranar x Goulosha
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Pomegranate, Hydranar x Goulosha

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Hydranar x Goulosha is a semi-dwarfed cultivar only reaching 3-5 feet in height. By nature it grows single-trunked, like a tree, which is very rare when it comes to pomegranates. Due to all of these traits, this cultivar is easier to keep potted than most other varieties of pomegranates.

Although it is often thought of as an ornamental pomegranate due to its small size and structure, it has high production and was developed for planting in high density and still has medium to large sized pomegranates. Fruit ripens in October. 

The skin of it's fruit is a nice crimson color. The Arils are whitish, turning pinkish as the fruit ripens. The flavor is somewhat sweet, yet on the acidic/sour side and often used to baking and making jellies.

This cultivar was developed, and test grown in Russia at the 'Turkmenistan Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala'. It's a hybrid cross made between 'Chico' (a dwarfed cultivar of pomegranate found in America), and the cultivar 'Goulosha' (which originated from Adzerbaidjan).