Pomegranate, Alk Pust Ghermez
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Pomegranate, Alk Pust Ghermez

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Alk Pust Ghermez is a larger pomegranate, reaching about 12 feet in height and about 6.5 feet in width. It is very resistant to drought. The fruit's skin is pink, pale red, and golden yellow, with a bright patch of peachy orange where the sun hits the skin. The color of its fruit's soft arils are bright light red with some transparency. The flesh has a rich texture. The juice of its fruit is very sweet accompanied by a nice mild tart flavor.

This cultivar blooms in 'June and July', and then blooms again in 'September and October', even earlier in warmer climates. This cultivar is self-fertile (Self-fruitful) although if there is a pomegranate of a different cultivator nearby it can increase fruit set by up to 20%.

Very cold hardy- if it does freeze, it can sometimes regrow from its trunk, after dying back to the ground and still bear fruit that same year.Hardy down to at least -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit).

'Alk Pust Ghermez Saveh' is said to have originally been from the 'Saveh valley of Iran'.