Pomegranate, Agat
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Pomegranate, Agat

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'Agat' was developed in Russia. This low-growing spreading cultivar was developed to withstand heavy snow cover, as well as cold all winter using snow cover as insulation from extreme cold. The insulating effect of the snow allows it to survive a climate with even colder winters. 

Medium-large fruit with sharp flavored juice - sweet-tart-acid when ripe. High heat from the sun helps lessen tartness. This cultivar has highly transparent arils with a pinkish tone when ripe. It's small seeds are flexible, making it way more pleasant to eat fresh.

This cultivar is highly productive, despite it being a dwarfed cultivar, out-producing some normal sized varieties with it's Medium-large sized fruit, it is well suited for high-density plantings, and this cultivar does well in pots. This cultivar will reach about 5 ft  x 5 ft and is very resistant to drought.