Peach, Donut
Peach, Donut
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Peach, Donut

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Flattened, saucer-shaped fruit. Also known as saturn, saucer, flat, peento, bagel, UFO, this peach is juicy and sweet with a creamy, tender, melting texture with a freestone pit that easily separates from the flesh. Skin creamy yellow, mottled and delicately penciled with red; flesh white, stained red at the stone. 

The donut-shaped peach will fit in the palm of your hand; it’s about 3 in wide and1.5 in tall, making this one of the best peaches for eating out of hand. But you can use the donut peach-like any other peach: serve alone as a snack, add to fruits salads, make into pies, tarts, and cakes, bake into muffins, chop and add to salsa, or grill with other summer fruits.

The donut peach is much sweeter than yellow peaches and lower in acidity. Some recognize a hint of almond overtones in its mild flavor. 

This tree is a heavy producer, cold hardy, self-fruitful, and blooms earlier and heavier in spring than many other peach varieties.