Rose, Wood's
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Rose, Wood's

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Rosa woodsii. This native NM rose is one of the largest of the wild roses, growing 3-6' in height and width. In late spring it becomes covered with pink to lightly purple roses about 2" across. These flowers are excellent an excellent forage for native bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. Holds bright red rose hips from fall into winter, which are high in vitamin C and are excellent for tea. The flavor of the tea, to us, is reminiscent of strawberry.

Great as a garden hedge, or in a wildlife habitat. Since it has thorns, can be strategically planted and maintained to keep out unwanted visitors. Also could work well as a foundation planting, enhancing the aesthetics and curb appeal of the structure while providing a transition between the building and the surrounding landscape or to fill an unwanted empty space in the yard. Since this is a thicket forming, spreading shrub, you will want to regularly prune in winter or keep edges mowed neat and clean throughout the season. Once established, it is decently drought tolerant.